The Mission!

Our Online Advertising Agency's integrated search engine marketing (SEM) process   is all about getting our clients in front of the right customers at the very moment they are searching for their products - either via search engines - like Google, social media or other relevant third party sites.

The Aim!

The short: Our industry standard SEO-oriented online marketing strategy, is designed to help you generate attention and targeted website traffic, attract qualified leads, and increase sales figures - en-route to building a credible reputation, brand awareness and growing your brand online.

And we succeed 95% of the time!

The Long: Our integrated inbound and search engine marketing (SEM) process utilizes search engine optimization (SEO) techniques not only on your websites, but on all your social channels, press releases and on any other medium you wish to communicate online.

Konta SEO’s multi channel approach to digital marketing helps open up more opportunities to your enterprise – by creating and distributing relevant, valuable and informative content – that helps real people in your niche, solve real problems – across  platforms to highlight your unique capabilities and expertise, to build trust in your ideas, improve brand mentions and loyalty.

Right now, somewhere, a potential customer is searching for your products. The question is; who will they find first – your company or your competitor?

We can help. Partner with us to take the initiative, by delivering excellent customer service by personalizing our SEO-oriented online marketing framework to your needs.

Our SEM Process:

SEM or SEO (and virtually all forms of online marketing) takes a process that, with patience and strategy, will bring you the promise of new website traffic, leads, clients, revenue, and growth.

aim of SEM Process
SEO-oriented online marketing strategy

You can hardly hit  your  marketing objectives online, without going through a kind of detailed operational process.

Yes! It’s easier and cheaper using the internet, but there are simply no shortcuts to gaming the system – except, you are OK with putting your company’s long term survival and reputation online. 

This page covers in adequate details what we aim to cover with most of our clients.When you sign up, we will craft a comprehensive and personalized online marketing plan based on your business goals, and stick to it. All projects are accessed on an individual basis.


On average, it will take us between 4-6 months to successfully complete  implementing all the digital marketing strategies and techniques in our SEM process.

But we take on clients for an initial 3 months contract – with one month at no charge. After which you can decide to renew for another 3 months, go at it monthly or refer someone to us, for another free month.

We have no “tie-in” contracts, you can decide to cancel any time – that is, if we don’t meet your expectations. We doubt you will.

Legal, administrative and financial matters aside, we usually start any online marketing campaign with an SEO audit of your web properties, which opens the door to some “Quick Wins” which allows us to deliver some short-term fast results, we then go into operational digital marketing objectives, tactics and tasks including the activation of content and backlink strategies to improve the long-term SEO value of your brand.

The simple 9 step operational strategy that follows below will give you all the relevant details of our integrated search engine and online marketing process and hopefully get us onboard your battle ship.

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1. SEO Website Audit

We looks at absolutely every element on your site that can impact SEO performance. This covers technical,social and content audit to get a complete understanding of everything that needs to be fixed in order to help you rank well in organic search and online.

2. SEM Consulting & Defining Your Online Marketing Strategy

Except you are within Ghana, then we can arrange to have one of our online marketing strategist meet with you for a consulting/brainstorming session, otherwise we will have to make do with phone, Hangout, Skype, Messenger, social media or any communication platform we both feel comfortable with.

SEO Consulting and digital marketing strategy for business

We kick off your digital marketing campaign plans by thoroughly defining your target audience(s), identifying their needs and motivations and highlighting how your brand, products or services can serve these needs.

Next, we identify your top competitors and your company’s competitive advantage, which arms us with enough data to review your company’s position in your target marketplace.

Finally, we will identify and set specific goals and key point indicators, like search engine rankings, website traffic increases, sales lead volume and other revenue and growth-oriented metrics, which allows you to measure the success of your online marketing campaign.

We will organize our findings and all your inputs into our SEM framework for your approval – to be discussed at our second meeting.

NB. We will be using Google Docs and Basecamp for collaboration.

This strategy will form the foundation of your search engine marketing campaign and will be designed by you – with our partnership – to put you on the path to success.

keyword research and competitor analysis

3. Effective Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis

Selecting the most important keyword phrases for your brand is one of the basic critical steps to achieving success online. Failure to properly carry out this objective can send your online marketing campaign in the wrong direction.

When choosing the best keywords, we focus on phrases that are not only relevant to your business, but also ones that are searched most often by your target audience throughout their buyer’s journey – thereby positioning your brand at every stage of the sales funnel. We begin by venturing inside the heads of your present customers, and brainstorm about potential terms they are likely to use when thinking about your products and capabilities through the awareness, consideration and decision stages of the buyer’s journey. We may even want to ask your best customers for their opinion.

We also get your salespeople and customer service representative in, on what phrases they think are most relevant to your line of business. Moving forward, we make a list of all relevant phrases from the exercise above to form a seed keyword list, before turning to keyword research tools provided by Google Ads, SEMrush and Ahrefs to research the market and create a reliable list of highly searched terms that will drive targeted traffic to your business.

As web users ourselves, and seasoned digital marketing professionals we understand how people search, what they search for, and how search engines use keywords to serve the appropriate results. We are also aware that optimizing your content around high-value keywords is what will get you in front of the people, or customers, when they need you most. As the bedrock of your online marketing campaign we take a reliable and efficient approach to keyword research and competitive analysis.


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4. WordPress Web Design & Development

We offer a full package standalone  SEO WordPress website design, development and maintenance service. Our passionate team will not only design and develop your website but get it fit to attract, retain, convert and delight your ideal prospects. 

WordPress Web Design & Development

Our WordPress Website Design Process

  1. We kickoff by getting to understand your websites needs and requirements. For this step, we use our Website Questionnaire Form. The form gives you an opportunity to go into full detail with what you want.
  2. We then hold a meeting at either our Accra office, your office or via a Skype call (check our consulting step for other options).
  3. Research Stage: Once your quote has been approved, we begin work by researching your market and competitors for trends and inspiration. We’ll also research Premium SEO friendly WordPress  themes which can be used for the website build.
  4. Website Wireframe: this gives us a  visual guide of the overall skeleton of your intended website. At this point, we’re focused on structure, navigation and  user interface design. Once we have completed your website wireframe, we create a presentation using Photoshop.
  5. We then present the mock-up to you for review. This allows us gain feedback and ensure we are on the right track. We make any necessary changes based on your observations and once finalised, we proceed to the development stage.
  6. Development Site: We create a development website which gives you a visual representation of your new website. We then give you access to the development website so you can check the progress of the website build. We will also be giving you updates via email.
  7.  Client Presentation: We present to you the development site and explain the new design layout and overall functionality. We discuss any final changes you might like and update the site accordingly.
  8.  Revise and Test: We make adjustments to the website based on your feedback from the last stage.  We test the website for functionality, navigation, performance, and mobile responsiveness before we officially launch your fresh WordPress business website.
  9. Go Live: Once we have your approval, we officially launch your new website and regularly monitor the website for performance and functionality.  
on-site SEO Optimization services & Process

5. On-Site Optimization

On-site SEO enables Google to read and rank your website. Without it, major search engines can’t understand what you are trying to say.

Crawl efficiency is the name of our game. Google rewards efficient websites with better rankings
Natural optimization for both users and search engines for each element of the page including title tags, meta-descriptions, h1s, images, and internal links.

The aim is to get your target prospects to take desired actions on your website – your brand’s real estate online.

To make sure you deliver exceptional customer service to your intended audience, our on-site optimization services ensure your website and it’s content is well optimized to take advantage of its full capabilities.


We do this by tuning up your site’s performance, interactivity and putting your most important keyword phrases to work throughout the buyer’s journey on your website.


By employing creativity, experience and relying on Google’s on-site SEO best practices and webmaster guidelines, we begin our on-site optimization process with your site copy – the information people can read on your website.

We make sure your site copy is skillfully written to effectively market your company, while using your important keyword phrases strategically in key areas – like in page title tags, heading tags, first 100 words or paragraphs, file names, alt tags and meta description tags.


We will write an appealing and unique description for all pages on your site, a copy that provides a great opportunity for you to entice web searchers searcher to click through to your Website.


Next, we focus on your website structure, functionality and interactivity to improve both search engine and user experience. In this technical SEO aspect of on-site optimization, we make sure that your website is “crawlable” to ensure all your content gets indexed by the top search engines Google and Bing. 


We make sure your site is safe to use, secure, loads fast and can be viewed on all devices.

6. Content Marketing Strategy

Once the foundations are set, we work with your team to develop an SEO-friendly content marketing strategy for your brand – that involves reviewing your navigation, landing pages, blog and linking structure to position you for online marketing success. The promise is to create content with a purpose to attract the people you want to become your customers or clients.

Accra contnet marketing services &strategy

Thus; the goal of content in our search engine marketing process is to make it easy for people to understand who you are, what you offer, find exactly what they’re looking for and best ways to get in touch.

The strategic content framework below has worked great for our clients:

  • Foundational Content: This is your core content that targets your main keywords and topics. The content produced here is about your services or products (your “money” keywords). Which can be used in your home, services and/or landing pages etc. We help to further enhance this content by writing about other relevant services and products you offer and any relevant long-tail keywords that fits.
  •  FAQ Content: this is content on pages that answers common questions your audience is likely asking on the web. We make sure it has an SEO-friendly URL, breadcrumb navigation and it is more comprehensive than any other page on the topic (we make sure to constantly check and monitor the competing pages in the top 10 positions – to keep your FAQs highly competitive).
  • Authoritative content: You believe you are the one, right? If not you won’t be here. You will have to create content to demonstrate your expertise and authenticity.This way, you get to build credibility, trust and loyalty in your know-how, the hottest currencies on the web.
  • User experience: We put our creative hats on to think of ways to enhance your content (e.g., using visuals, graphs or illustrations), your website navigation (e.g., linking to other relevant pages on your website), and deploying clear and concise calls to action (e.g., free consultation, subscribe now, %discount, make an appointment, content download etc).

Content is how you build and demonstrate your brand’s authority, relevance, and trust. Well-written content that has been thoroughly proofread and edited is one way to do that. On the flip side, poorly written and badly edited content will do the exact opposite – it will send them running to your competitors!

You may want to write your own content, or you may want us to do it. Either way, the content needs to be optimized, putting your target personas first, but without neglecting SEO best practices. You want to write content that people will engage with and share (and that search engines will index and reward with great rankings). Ultimately, it’s about moving people toward a conversion. We can’t assure you of number one rankings – which is our primary target, but you will definitely be rewarded with more leads and conversions by following our lead.


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social media marketing and management services

7. Social Media Marketing & Management

We work by analyzing your target audiences on social media, and developing a strategy that’s suits them, creating and distributing content, monitoring online chatter, collaborating with influencers, providing community service, monitoring, measuring and reporting on social media performance and ROI.

Our social media marketing & management services, like our WordPress Webdesign, can be bought alone, or as part of your overall search engine marketing campaign project. 

It’s no secret that a strong social media presence is no doubt, one of the best ways to communicate & engage with your current & perspective customers

We will follow your directives and goals, to grant you the ability to offer excellent customer service, and interact every single day with your customers to market your product or business, while obtaining valuable feedback on your services.

We help you stand out from the other guys, by creating a unique presence that showcases your brand & most importantly, helps reach out to new customers with our ideas & strategies that have proven to generate leads for any type of business.

Konta SEO will work with you every step of the way to understand your current marketing strategies & how best to apply them to the different social media platforms you have an interest in.

At present we only cover 3 networks:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

8. LinkBuilding & Promotion

We’re an online marketing agency focused on one thing: increasing businesses revenue, via creating massive awareness.
Our link building, outreach & public relations (PR) service forms the backbone of this passion, we offer a catalyst for growth, better brand recognition & reputation, more leads, sales, and a more successful business.

linkbuilding services in Accra Ghana

 With focus on value for every customer, partner and organization, we offer a variety of white-hat link building and digital promotion solutions to serve the unique needs of your business. Most of your online marketing campaign’s heavy lifting will be done here – getting your message before the right people.

Our creative team help you define your link building objectives, identify key audiences & influencers in your industry & develop a strategy to attract them through content, PR & outreach.


We work alongside in-house & external content, creative, marketing & PR teams for an integrated agency approach. We focus on providing compelling reasons to attract links through your online activities and business operations, rather than ‘building’ them. The more quality links pointing to your website, the more popular and valuable your site will be in the eyes of Google, Bing and other search engines.


Although Google now use more than 200 signals in their algorithm for scoring websites, hyperlinks are still one of the most important signals to maximise a site’s visibility.

We help develop your marketing & content strategy to provide reasons to earn those links. All our online marketing campaigns are aimed at building relationships, increasing referral traffic and brand awareness, while improving relevancy and passing weight to the website to improve rankings.

How We Do It.

  • Digital PR: We work with key publishers, bloggers, journalists & influencers in various industries & sectors across the world. We will help develop Press Release (PR) strategies that work online to attract links, as well as exposure in your geographic area.
  • Digital Outreach: We understand the power of highly targeted and personalized communication. We will work together to connect your brand with  key people & brands in your market, offer value and build mutually beneficial relationships – that leads to growth.
  • Business & Directory Listings: To improve exposure we get your website listed in relevant online directories and portals , beginning with Google My Business and Bing Places for Business, then onto others like Yelp, Foursquare, Yellow Pages etc We generally,  first look at important online destinations within your industry, then focus on general purpose directories like Better Business Bureau and We also help you garner links from vendors, customers, business partners and trade associations – even friends.
  • Blogging & Writing : As stated earlier, we rely on content to raise your stock online, we know good content attracts links and our first steps is to fill your website with interesting and informative content such as a library of best practices articles, a blog about developments, hands-on tips and trends in your industry, etc. We love to write. We have in-house creative writers who help curate content that invokes emotion & gets people talking about your brand, onsite or offsite. We also have access to a number of freelancers with various expertise in numerous fields.​
  • Interactive Content : We believe in investing in big content that pushes boundaries, connects people and starts meaningful conversations, interactive content like quizzes or surveys.
  •  Linkbait: Using your experience, expertise and brand goals, we help create linkbaits like eBooks, info-graphics, illustrations etc to help you capture and build your contact list, attract worthy natural links and capture real leads.

We also make extensive use of third party sites like Quora, Medium, etc for more linkbuilding opportunities and to diversify your approach. We find placement sites that are ranked as sites of authority so that our backlinking service is successful with Google.

To solidify your long term growth we acquire relevant links to your site month over month -b y consistently reaching out across platforms and applying these link building strategies, we will dramatically impact your ranking on Google and boost your online popularity.

SEO campaign analytics and measurement

9. Analytics & Measurement.

They say if you can measure something, you can improve it. One of the beauties of marketing your business online is that your efforts can be monitored and measured. We track everything from rankings and conversions to lost links and more to help prove the value of our efforts – and easily gauge the impact of our work and ongoing refinement to improve success, customer retention, and perceived value.

We primarily rely on Google Search Console and Google Analytics for campaign measurement, and to pivot your priorities when something is going wrong, – though available in real time -we offer a bi-monthly easy-to-read report so you can check those metrics and score our work.
We can measure the success of your inbound marketing campaign in several ways. One of those ways is by examining key SEO metrics.

We focus mainly on:

  1.  Organic traffic: By landing page, By location.
  2. Organic bounce rate: By landing page
  3. Organic conversion rate: By landing page, By location,By device,By browser
  4. Top exit pages for organic traffic
  5. Time on page
  6. Pages per visit
  7. Scroll depth
  8. Keyword rankings
  9. Number of backlinks
  10. Breakdown of organic traffic from Bing and Google
  11. Local visibility
  12. Click-through rate (CTR): By landing page, By top keywords
  13. Pages indexed in Google Search Console
  14. Pages crawled per day
  15. Duplicate titles and descriptions
  16. Crawl errors


The metrics we track for your online marketing campaign will definitely depend on your business goals,  the ones I mentioned here are just for a guide.

The longer we monitor, measure and report on your campaign, the more we learn. We really dive deep into your analytics and get good at determining which data is most helpful for measuring and determining your  success.

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