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Creative search engine marketing service, that connects people to brands online - via SEO, Social Media & Digital Outreach Strategies.

Search engine optimization is the method of improving your website’s ranking on Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It is a marketing practice that uses keyword research to help your business establish a credible online image. Ultimately, it will help to bring in more relevant traffic, improve bounce rates, and increase the potential for sales conversions

As a business-owner/executive, you probably use search engines like Google to find things. How do I know this? I guessed. Why? Because 92% of us use search engines like Google to find, research and compare products, services or companies while making a purchase decision. People want the best place to get value. And they trust Google to provide the right answer. When it comes to your market, SEO can make your brand that answer, thus sending free targeted traffic to your website.

  1. Attract Qualified Traffic
  2. Register Better Conversions
  3. Boost Profits
  4. Build Your Brand
  5. Top Search Engine Ranking is a Non-Stop 24/7 Advertising Campaign
The Benefits.
  1. Typically, users search with specific brand, product or service.
  2. Search Engines select and display well-optimized websites that match user’s search criteria
  3. Users, naturally led to a Website, are more likely to purchase from there
  4. If they’re satisfied with the brand, product or service. They will return & likely tell others. 
How It Works
  • 72% of enterprise marketers rate SEO as successful in achieving marketing objectives like lead generation and increased web traffic.
  • 54% of marketers want to improve traffic conversion rates
  • 48% aim to enhance natural search ranking
  • 33% see SEO as a strategy to raise brand awareness
  • 24% attribute sales and revenue to SEO.
Top Business Priorities.


Half the world’s population having access to the internet makes digital marketing one of the best ways to create brand awareness and grow your business in our world today. As the stats above have shown, and as you might have noticed on the web, brands and companies of all sizes are taking advantage of this great tool of our time. 

Want to grow your brand online?

Let’s ride.

If attracting top prospects was cheap and easy, everybody would be successful. As an SEO Strategist & Digital Marketing Consultant in Accra, I make my living connecting businesses to people using the internet. My approach works by combining data and strategy to reach your audience at the right place and the right time via the right channel.

The Way We Roll Here:

Sales has evolved, and new marketing tools allow you to create, measure and optimize your sales funnels in near real time I help business-minded people create, rejuvenate & re-position their brands via effective SEO & Inbound Marketing Strategies.

Before we get started on the more practical aspects of my SEO marketing process, it does make sense to pause for a moment and just discuss exactly how partnering with me & my team to execute your digital marketing campaign can impact your brand.   

The very heart of my digital marketing campaign strategies is content. This typically comes in the form of written text (mostly blog posts, newsletters, Press Releases etc), but may also include videos, podcasts, graphics and suchlike. Why? Because to be successful in achieving your brand’s marketing goals online – requires authority and credibility. This can only be fueled by high quality & valuable content (more on this later).  

buyer journey konta seo

The Mission:

That said; below are the primary objectives I strive to achieve with every marketing campaign I oversee; 

  1.  Convert business goals to digital marketing objectives
  2.  Research & create ideal customer persona
  3.  Do targeted keyword research & competitor analysis to better inform promotion, link building & content creation activities
  4. Attract the right visitors from the search engines, social media and links from other reputable websites.
  5. Encourage other sites to link to your high-value quality content, which results in increased dwell time, and traffic over time.
  6. Help  to grow your mailing list, social media followers, or connections with influencers, thus leading to further traffic increases.
  7. Lastly, I provide an opportunity to “monetize” those visitors, by providing advertising in one form or another.


Sales have evolved, and new marketing tools allow you to create, measure and optimize your sales funnels in near real time. Web traffic is good, but converting customers are better. Visitor behavior on your website tells a story. Partner with me, Accra’s leading search engine optimization expert, to properly analyze, test and optimize your company’s website content to get more conversions and fewer bounce rates.

When you partner with me, what follows are the steps we will take, with passion and close attention to detail over a 3 -6 months period, to turn your business marketing goals into reality.

Walk with me.


My integrated inbound marketing framework involves integrating different parts of SEO, content marketing, social media, digital outreach, and PR to accomplish your online goals, including driving more leads, increasing your brand exposure and growing your share of traffic.

Listen, managing such an undertaking can comprise many different stakeholders whose objectives must be aligned. That is; resolving potential conflicts between business functions and elevating search engine optimization (SEO) to a strategic level if the needs of the business, web users and by proxy, those of Google are to be met. Bringing all involved to the same page is what this section is all about.

“Plan for what is difficult while it is easy, do what is great while it is small”
– Sun Tzu.


In this planning phase, I will examines how to achieve optimal and sustainable results.


While your website may be well structured for a clean user experience, you may be missing out on valuable traffic opportunities – due to minor technical issues. Perform an initial end-to-end audit to discover these hidden opportunities and obstacles – keeping your business back. My SEO audits are handcrafted by me to specifically to create a solid website structure for optimal organic search rankings.

Below are some of the categories that will be covered in the SEO audit.


I’ll analyze your site architecture to expose issues to your directory structure and determine if you’re URLs are organized and optimized to a proper keyword mapping. I will pull your broken site links along with recommendations of how to fix.


Page load time, caching, and extensive HTTP requests are all things search engines take into consideration when ranking your website. I will dive into your page speed performance and work with your developers to clean up CSS and Javascript.


During my technical SEO audit, I’ll perform a full content analysis to discover pages with thin, duplicate, or hidden content. I’ll also pull a list of under-optimized pages with low click through rate and suggestions on how to fix.


I will deliver my SEO audit findings in Basecamp broken down by tasks. I will continue to provide ongoing support to ensure long-term SEO success.

Here’s how:

  •  A prioritized action plan in Basecamp that includes step-by-step recommendations for fixing identified problems.
  •  Instructional screenshots to implement redirects, schema, CMS changes, and more.
  • Technical SEO training for your internal team (Optional)


Technical SEO audits vastly depend on the size of your website and technical discoveries along the way. I try to keep my technical SEO audits delivered within 30 days.


What’s the big picture goal you’re trying to achieve? Drive more traffic? Increase leads? Convert more leads into customers?

Before you can achieve anything in life, you have to know what you want. You have to decide that whatever you’re doing is important to you, that it’s worth it. And if it isn’t, it’s time to set new, more meaningful goals.

I like to consider my clients dreamers (myself included!), but when it comes turning these BIG dreams into achievable business goals, things get a little tricky. Your strategy is custom and tailored to your marketing needs.

“Make it simple, but significant”

Using the SMART goal setting technique, I will help you clearly describe your business marketing goals, set a deadline for meeting them and prepare for potential obstacles along the way.

“By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be. Put your future in good hands—your own.” —Mark Victor Hansen. Goal setting is basically bringing the future into the present, so you can do something about it today. This is often a challenge for marketers, but it doesn’t have to be. That’s why I want to team up with you to give you the chance for search marketing success and share your hopes, dreams, and goals.

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If you’re passionate about it, about really living out your purpose, you’ll be more likely to commit—to buckle down and set powerful goals. So focus on what you really want to accomplish, and it will make the journey that much sweeter.

"I like dreams of the future better than the history of the past". – Thomas Jefferson

After we agree to the SEO audit and your marketing goals/objectives, I’ll send over a questionnaire for you to complete. I’ll need login access to your Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, and more.


Next, I’ll give you access to my client’s dashboard and basecamp where you can view all your campaign activities in real time. In basecamp, we can collaborate and I list out all of the activities and tasks I will be working on for the next 30 days.

DELIVERY : After 30 days, I’ll send you my findings and recommendations in Basecamp. We will work together to begin to implement the changes. I will not make any changes to your website or tools without your approval after the technical SEO audit is completed.

 To officially, and efficiently begin working on your marketing campaign, I will study your questionnaire and create a direction that will set the overall marketing direction for your brand.

Planning off the way, now we have a blueprint to work. What is the demand out there? Hope we’ve not being just building castles in the air? To find the answers to these questions and  more on what is really going out there. We need to research the demand for what you offer. Thus; begins the next phase of battle: Gathering “intelligence”.


Targeting demands means learning which topics interest your audience and uncovering the queries your customers use to look for your product or service.The research and analysis involved in targeting demand makes it one of the most complex stages in the SEO cycle. High-quality targeting must be carried out with caution, thus consumes a considerable amount of time.

First you want to understand which topics your website already ranks for and what keywords are already driving good traffic and make sure to preserve and defend those results. Second, do keyword research to find new topics to expand your reach and new traffic or further engage your intended audience.


Well-researched keywords are the foundation of any successful SEO campaign. Moreover, choosing your keywords wisely is half the battle won in accelerating your website to the top of Search Engines – more will need to be done. But it’s critical to effectively target demand. Moreover it can help inform your content and social media marketing strategies.

To get the necessary information and insights, I will use a simple keyword research process – assisted by multiple SEO tools – that makes targeting demand straightforward and drastically improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the research process.

Through keyword research and thorough analysis, I create a recommended list of well-targeted keywords terms and phrases that best describe your business, to target throughout our search engine marketing project.
We establish industry-specific keywords that set you apart from the competition and expand your company’s visibility.


To determine how your competitors are positioning themselves, the strategies they’re using, and how successful they’ve been.

Know who you are losing your audience to and why! Competition usually presents a challenge for businesses, but it is also a big source of opportunity. You can leverage their results for your own benefit. Understanding which keywords and pages worked best for your competitors can guide your own keyword selection and make it easier to create content that will drive traffic.

I will provide you a complete report on how your competitors (those that rank for your chosen keywords) are faring on the search engines, and why they are ranking better than you. Based on these findings, I will devise an effective SEO strategy for your website so that you can outrank your competition over time.

 My approach to detailed competitor analysis provide key insights for data-driven demand targeting and decision making:

  •  Show which keywords drive the most traffic to your competitors’ sites and identify the pages ranking for each keyword
  • Provide keyword gap analysis – the words that your competitors rank for that you do not
  • Show the top-10 pages ranking for a keyword with information on all the important on-page SEO factors, including the H1, title, meta description and alt tags.
  • Show trended SEO performance of your domain versus your competitors
  • Generate a Keyword Gap Analysis target list vs. each of your competitors

Backed by such a robust data set, you can do demand targeting more efficiently and have more time for content creation.


Your target market is the intended audience for marketing your brand online. Satisfying them is one key to achieving your business ‘ online marketing objectives.

With your assistance, through extensive research, I will help create a target audience profile (TAP) to help inform your content, social and outreach strategies.


Okay what’s in the bag? 

Your marketing goals, an audited site, keywords and competitor insights.

Next is to determine how we will position your brand in the field of play.

This will be for you to decide.

P.S. Your brand’s positioning gives your messages some context so it can be better heard and accepted. Failure to proactively address product positioning is unlikely to end well.


Because with or without your input, customers will position your brand or product.


My brand positioning strategy is aimed at differentiating your products, addressing important customer issues, and articulate key brand attributes.

I base positioning on:

  •  How your target market makes purchasing decisions
  • How your competition positions their products
  • What your product has to offer

I focus on balancing  these three interrelated factors of the “positioning triangle” to give you a competitive edge. 


SEO Campaign development

 The core concepts of my search engine optimization service can be boiled down to:

  1. CONTENT:  valuable and relevant content that helps people solve real problems 
  2. SITE PERFORMANCE:  ensuring your website is fast, secure, mobile responsive, search engine and user-friendly.  
  3. CREDIBILITY: marketing is a commitment, not a campaign. I work to improve your brand’s authority and trust by  building reputable relationships via effective social media and link building techniques.

Depending on the goal and size of the project – on average it takes about 3 to 6 months for me to  ethically execute all objectives of a search engine marketing campaign. 

The ideal time to optimize your site for search engines is in the initial, planning stages – when you’re drawing up your site map and selecting a content management system (CMS). However, if your site is already up and running, I can still optimize it by implementing best practices, many of which I’ve outlined in the coming steps.



On the web, qualified visitors are the difference between success and failure. The more visitors you receive, overall, the more revenue you can generate. This is especially so if the visitors you’re attracting are in a “buying” frame of mind.

Through on-site content creation and management, we define how your brand will speak, and interact with your audience.  

business SEO process

The very heart of my SEO Consulting Service in Accra is  content. This typically comes in the form of written text, but may also include videos, images,  graphics and the likes.

My point is; you are going to need  lots and lots of content to fuel a successful digital marketing campaign for your company. Content that you’ve either created yourself, or  charged to your campaign.

Anyway any content I supervise is/must be focused on;

  1.  attracting visitors to your website from search engines ,  social media and links from other reputable, and relevant  sites.
  2. encouraging other sites to link to you by producing high quality content  – which can be cited as a resource, this can result in increased traffic over time
  3. growing  your mailing list or social media followers, thus leading to further traffic increases
  4.  providing an opportunity to “monetize” those visitors, by providing advertising in one form or another.

The goal, here, should therefore be to produce genuinely helpful content; the type that really gets people talking, sharing and linking.

So; I won’t slam your site with so irrelevant adverts just to make you money. Because most web users don’t like “hard selling”.  Instead we will offer value first – in the form of your content – and gently slip in the odd advert here and there – as they make sense.

I will ensure due diligence in monetizing your company’s website in the most ethical, up-front and helpful way possible.

Remember – marketing online is basically about helping and respecting your visitors. You want them coming back again, and even sharing your content with their friends. And to do that, we need to put a lot of effort into creating the best possible content we can.

I will give you solutions to make educated and actionable data-based decisions, with tools to improve workflows,  and communications.

Creating content efficiently is only the first step. Your content needs needs to be “findable” by the search crawlers and web users.

Its my job to get your site, and content ready.


It’s now time to put it all together and implement the strategies on your website. Once your approval is received, I’ll make the changes to your website. We will work together through Google Docs and Asana. You will be able to view all project work in real-time.

To create engaging experiences with your target audience – my first consideration, when optimizing any webpage for the search engines, is how well it addresses the searcher’s intent.

 I aim to create an on-site SEO strategy that gives you ownership over keywords,  competitors’ insights , and puts you on the fast track to SEO success. My  conversion-focused onsite strategy works to improve the consumer behavior on your site in order to drive higher engagement.

To help the search engines and users understand your company’s website. My onpage recommendations includes – but not limited to; enriching your content with long tail and LSI keywords, creating well optimized  page titles, meta descriptions, header tags, internal and external linking, etc.

Your website should be your #1 sales rep. It should be working for you24/7, engaging new visitors, generating leads, and boosting conversion rates. It’s up to you to make sure your website design is encouraging visitors to stay rather than causing them to turn tail and run for the hills, never to be seen again.


  1. GOOGLE ANALYTICS SETUP AND INTEGRATION :With the main purpose of SEO being to attract greater and better quality traffic to your website, our experts will integrate Google Analytics and help you track your best performing keywords, main sources of traffic and the increase in visitors to your website. I will create and establish accounts on Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, and Google Analytics. I will also submit your XML sitemaps, create goals and custom dashboards in Google Analytics. This will also be paired with a how-to guide that will teach you SEO along the way.
  2. GOOGLE ANALYTICS FUNNEL CREATION AND GOAL SETTING: I will put in place advanced analytics settings that will help you monitor how many visitors that came through search engines and other websites, converted to a sale by purchasing one or more of your products. Consequently, this will help you measure your ROI and calculate your profits. As your SEO strategy begins to take effect, your cost per customer acquisition will gradually decline with the same monthly investment, thus making our services more cost effective over time.
  3. GOOGLE& BING WEBMASTER TOOLS SETUP AND MONITORING: Setting up Webmaster Tools is a best practice prescribed by Google and Bing. It affords better visibility on the search engines and allows monitoring of incoming links as well as facilitates quick diagnosis of any problems.


SEO also embraces ‘off-page’ activities, which are designed to increase the ‘popularity’ of a company’s site and thus its rank within SERPS – for example, the number of people that link back to a company’s website and the ‘strength’ and quality of those links.

These activities are known as ‘link development’ and are like seeking votes from other web users for being the most relevant or best resource for a particular type of query or search topic. Google and similar search engines value these links highly, using them as a primary signal of quality and authority in the way they rank websites for relevant queries.
Search Engines recognize quality and attach a relevance score to your website on the basis of the number of incoming links from other related web portals.

Hence, every backlinkacts as a vote to the relevancy of your website to a particular search term. Our experts will build these valuable backlinksfrom similar-themed and high quality websites to ensure that you rise on the search engines through an increasing number of incoming votes.

Off-site search engine optimization (off-site SEO) is how we gain website traffic or attention through social media sites, affiliate marketing, email marketing, and all outreach marketing efforts. We know, we know – how many times can you reinvent the wheel on social media? Or, recreate an email campaign? Well, with new techie techniques rolling out every day, why not give a new outreach marketing strategy a try? Increasing your online presence can help crush your competition and also help your website rank better search engine results.


  1.  Send an email to contacts and connection
  2. Reach out to influencers, industry associations and groups
  3. Start an automated email subscription & nurturing campaign to follow up with event registrants
  4.  Start a series of blog posts
  5. Create relevant testimonials, reviews, and case studies
  6.  Promote your web content & blog posts in LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook (or relevant social network)
  7.  Set up the paid keywords for PPC and tune the Quality Scores of the ads and the landing pages at lower budget levels prior to scaling up the budget
  8.  Enable community participation and feedback on your site, and track results


  1.  Manual Submission to Free Business directories and industry listings
  2. Manual Submission to Premium and Paid Directories
  3. Article Writing and submission to third party sites like medium or LinkedIn.
  4. Writing and Submitting Press Releases by developing a series of  news worthy announcements about your brand, product or service.
  5.  Add presentations to slide-sharing sites
  6.  Conduct press and blogger outreach to start building industry connections and relationships.
  7. Deploy other media channels and content formats to reach a wider audience.


With social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, becoming the hub of all internet activity, creating Social Media profiles helps you connect with your target audience through popular and well-visited media. Also, with changes in search algorithms, Twitter and Facebook feeds are prominently displayed in return for search queries. i will help create your business profiles on the most popular portals to afford you valuable Google real estate.

I work closely with you to develop social media strategies that create a meaningful exchange between your consumers for long-term relationships. This goes beyond setting up channels and optimizing them. It’s creating quality content, Here are some social media marketing techniques I employ on your social business profiles:

  •  Conduct event and live-post to social networks, again tracking the result
  • Amplify the press pickups in both paid and social channels






  1. LOCAL SEARCH ENGINE SUBMISSION: I will effectively optimize your website to help you gain prominence on local search engines and thus establish you as a top quality and much-favoured provider of your products and services in your town or vicinity.
  2. HCARD INTEGRATION: hCard is a micro format meant for easy display of contact details of people, companies and places, so that any parsing tool can extract these details easily and showcase them on search engines, especially the local ones. Google Listings and Google maps use these as a source to pick up contact details and display them prominently on search engines.
  3. UPDATING PAGES FOR LOCAL SEARCH:Our experts will improve your local rankings by infusing relevant local keywords in your website copy, internal links, titles, headings etc. so that you feature in top spots of local search engines.


So how well is SEO working for you?


Measuring SEO ROI can be a challenge. A way to make this process fast and easy is to combine analytics data with metrics linked to your business’s ROI or KPIs. This gives us a precise look at how your SEO initiatives generated revenue and helped achieve business-specific goals.

Content monitoring

Content monitoring is also an essential part of the measuring process. The more content your company creates, the harder it is to track bugs, broken links, duplicate content, or drastic metrics changes. Keeping track of all those changes manually is next to impossible, and the majority of free or lower-end tools provide just a portion of this necessary insight.

With reliable tools, I will regularly scans your site to find any existing issues and notify you whenever there is a significant change that impacts the major parameters you are tracking for your own domain and those of your competitors.


 Once I have all the right data in place, the next step in my SEO management is reporting it to you. My reporting usually means telling a story that answers 4 key questions:

  1. What happened?
  2. Why?
  3. How did this impact revenue?
  4. What do we do now to continue seeing success?
  5. While analytics engines show what happened, they usually fail to explain why and provide actionable responses.

I will answers all these questions and more. I will also automates reporting so you can create and send various reports to different stakeholders on a preset schedule. This way, I can help you customize and improve your internal & external communications and build a stronger authority for SEO.




  1. CHAT
  2. E-MAIL
  3. PHONE

My approach to SEO management will help you make the case to management and more importantly generate business outcomes

Your website rankings on search engines matter. The higher your website ranks, the more visible your online presence will be to consumers, which leads to additional traffic to your website and Google Local Profile. My goal is to increase rankings and traffic for your online presence by focusing on the keywords you and your team select.

What do you do now?